NCR Endless Aisle
Retail Kiosk Solution


The NCR Netkey Endless Aisle kiosk solution integrates with the clients back-end ecommerce system to allow customers to browse for product information, check inventory, compare products and order out-of-stock items or products not carried in the store. An endless aisle kiosk is an integral part of delivering a converged channel experience that ensures customers receive consistent product information, pricing and order fulfillment capabilities during their in-store shopping experience.

ROLE: Worked with multiple retail teams within NCR to create an in-store online inventory extension to offer retail clients. Conceptualized overall experience, creating wireframes, user flows, user interface designs, instructional animations, built HTML/CSS templates and worked closely with developers to keep the integrity of the experience through completion. This product came on the heels of The Hot Topic Endless Aisle Kiosk Solution.